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Gallery - Unity 12 Powers

As Unity on the River’s Artist in Residence, I am always looking for ways to interpret spiritual teachings through art expression. Unity’s Twelve Spiritual Powers has provided me with years of artistic and creative possibilities! Each power has a color association, a disciple representative, and an associated part of the body temple. The Powers include: Faith, Strength, Wisdom, Love, Power, Imagination, Order, Understanding, Will, Zeal, Renunciation and Life. I have taught the class many times and have learned from my students what a pleasure it is to study, meditate and then creatively express spiritual principals. The Twelve Power paintings here represented are my own interpretations, painted specifically for Unity on the River and Unity churches across the world. They are available as commissions or glicee prints, upon request. The size is 30” x 40”, with a small frame. Unity on the River has these paintings in their Sanctuary, as well as throughout the Center. Please email me with inquiries for your church or home.

12 Power Paintings
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Power of Faith


Power of Imagination


Power of Life

Power of Love


Power of Order


Power of Power

Power of Purification


Power of Strength


Power of Understanding

Power of Will

Power of Wisdom
Power of Zeal

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