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“Through Paula’s unique teaching style, her enthusiasm for teaching, and her loving guidance, I was given the tools and the courage to go beyond my expectations. Paula makes one feel that one doesn’t have to create ‘great art’ to be an artist. I learned from Paula that to be an artist is to express yourself … what’s deep inside yourself … through your medium of choice. “What is your process?” she recommends you ask of yourself. “It’s okay to trust yourself and your process.” is her mantra.” — Adele V




“Paula is a dedicated artist, a professional with commitment to her craft and respect for the field. Her work ranges from being deeply intimate to being a dazzling reflection of a collective consciousness. Consistently her pieces are bold and brave, though she is always willing to explore the unexpected or more subtle means of conveying her visions. This is a person who, if perhaps not always blithely agreeable, is always consistently willing to invite and respect contrary perspectives. Paula is above all else, a person of tremendous integrity and passionate vision.

Almost single-handedly Paula Estey has helped to create a place of value for the arts within our community. She has blazed a trail in defining the role of art in our sacred spaces and services, helping us to define what it means to be a Artist in Residence for a spiritual community. Not only has her work been an integral element of our facility design, but her art and her innate intuitive teaching abilities have led others to follow her lead. As a direct result of her classes, many of our members now view themselves as artists. Our Gallery is booked years in advance by congregants who have been inspired and nurtured by Paula’s tutelage.

Equally important, Paula is successful in her role as our resident artist as well as in the broader role she plays as community leader- both for our spiritual community and for the external, local community. Paula makes positive contributions to our consciousness and quality of life. She models the value of service and demonstrates the importance of listening with an open mind. Not afraid to stir things up or set the bar high for herself, she somehow still manages to create a sense of safety for those who follow her lead.” — Robin Clark, Spiritual Leader of Unity of the Seacoast, Dover, NH

“I have been a painting student with Paula Estey for several years, and can say that without her I would not be painting today. I also can credit her with giving me the courage to actually show my work which resulted in selling several pieces. Paula truly believes that everyone has something to say through the creative process and creates the safe place for all to find their own expression. This type of safety would have made all the difference to me when I was young, and would likely have either sent me in a more creative direction or at least strengthened the artistic thread in my life. Because I was not lucky enough to have that opportunity, I had to dig my muse out of hibernation. Paula creates the perfect setting for that process.” — Sarah H


“I signed up in the Fall of 2001 for a class with Paula Estey because it sounded fun. Five years and a lifetime of conversations on canvas later, I still paint with Paula because it is fun. The environment is welcoming and the atmosphere magic. Paula creates a truly supportive creative environment where everyone feels like an artist and is not confined by a teacher student role or prescribed structure. She provides instruction and counsel on technique, color, materials as needed but allows time after guided meditation for creative process to take its course.” — Julie M




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